The Luxury Cars That I Consider Worth Purchase

Now I am looking to replace my Honda Civic with something more modern and entertaining. It is not that my Civic is not functioning properly. It is just fine. My new luxury car purchase is simply that I want. It is just that I need a car that offers more comfort. Just last month I have started to test drive luxury cars, and since I am considering luxury car brands for the first time, I thought of sharing my experience online. This time I have decided to get an SUV and nothing huge. Therefore, I have settled on the luxury crossover/compact SUV segment. Some of the vehicles that I consider buying include Audi Q5, Porsche Macan, Jaguar F-Pace, Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, BMW X3, Volvo XC60 and Mercedes Benz GLC.

My Experience

Before I start, there are some clarifications that I would like to present. First of all, I did not test drive the Porsche Macan. This is because when I had a look at the car, I thought that it would not suit my requirements. Coming to the Audi Q5, I believe that Audi Q3 would be a better alternative for me than Audi Q5. I want a purpose-built luxury car that comes with several features and the Audi Q5, and Porsche Macan would not work for me. I decided to go for BMW X3 instead of X1 because I do not care for the styling of the X1 and it does not possess the features that I am looking for. The same goes for Mercedes Benz GLC.

Things that I Learned

With all this said, here are some important things that I have experienced or learned shopping for luxury cars. Never expect to go and drive something brand new right off the lot. This is not something that is possible especially if you happen to be in a situation of a requirement rather than want. If you are flexible with options, then this is the best path for you. Since I have specific demands about luxury cars, this would not work for me. The car dealerships that I visited suggested that I would rather order a customised luxury car instead of buying it directly from a dealership.